workplace etiquette

Hey you, new guy.  Yeah you, the one who has been here for 3 weeks?  Listen, I don’t know how things worked at your old place of business, but here, when you call a meeting to start at 3pm, you don’t sidle on in to the President’s office and chat him up for a half hour while we wait for you to start the meeting THAT YOU SCHEDULED.

Way to respect other people’s time.  Poor poor taste.

By the way, it’s 3:30pm, you’re still in there talking.  I leave a 4pm and I’m not waiting for your meeting to end.


2 Responses to “workplace etiquette”

  1. I love the word “sidle.” It’s like Donny and Marie: a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll.

  2. That is such BS! Rude rude rude.

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