baby #3

My sister is scheduled to have her 3rd baby on March 17th – the family jokes that she’s having a leprachaun.  I’ve been part of the day of birth for each of her two other kids.  I waited at the hospital, pacing when my nephew was born, I spent the day with my nephew and got to see his face light up when he was told he had a baby sister when my niece was born.  I treasure these moments with them.  

Originally I was supposed to be in New Orleans on St. Patrick’s day for work, but that trip got moved to a later date.  When it did, the first thing I thought of was that I’d be here when the baby is born.  So this time, I’ll work part of the day, I’ll leave the waiting room pacing to my parents and will have the pleasure of picking up my niece from a friend’s house and my nephew from school and Evan and I will take them up to the hospital to meet their new sibling.  

I spoke with my sister yesterday to work out the details and she said “you can tell the kids if it’s a boy or a girl when you pick them up.”  I declined, I told her what a joy it was to be there when my nephew found out he had a sister, and that I think she and my brother-in-law should get to experience that.  So Evan and I will pick them up, and cart them to the hospital to meet their new sibling, but we’ll let them find out if they have a brother or sister when they get there.

For the record, they’re both hoping for a brother.


2 Responses to “baby #3”

  1. Another one to love! This is how out of touch I am with you, I didn’t know she was pregnant again. Being a part of that special day with my sister is something I would not change for all the world. I can get why this is so important.

  2. Being an aunt is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m so happy for you that you get to be there for your new niece or nephew, and that you get to share the joy with the big brother and big sister.

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