Today is Ash Wednesday and I haven’t put much thought into what I should give up for lent.  I was not raised Catholic, however I somewhat relish this time of year and the entire lent ritual.  It’s a kind of “reset” for me I think, a time to reflect, reconnect and meditate on my faith.  

The thing is, we’re making a lot of sacrifices right now, and I’m not really complaining about them, I’m kind of enjoying this consciousness regarding our money and what we choose to spend it on, but how much is too much sacrifice?  I don’t want to hit a breaking point.

So I’m going to keep it simple this year, I’ll choose something that will still make me stop and think, appreciate the sacrifices made for me, but I’ve decided not to be grandiose about it, besides, it’s the little, everyday things you don’t even realize you do until you give it up that mean the most, isn’t it?


3 Responses to “lent”

  1. I’m no longer a practicing Catholic but I’m thinking about giving up dating for Lent.

  2. mainlyclearskies Says:

    I’m trying to stop interrupting people, and talking less. Also cheese and baked goods since they both have become unnecessary staples in my diet.

  3. I’m giving up winter for Lent. Can I do that?

    If not, I’m giving up complaining about winter. Starting right now, though, because I broke that HARD on Monday.

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