america’s next top model

Yesterday I helped a friend in advertising out by doing a “photo shoot” of sorts for one of her clients.  They wanted 100 women between the ages of 25-34 for a campaign they’re launching on facebook in April.  They wanted real women, with real flaws who are concerned about their skin (hint: it’s a skin care line).  They’re trying to find a niche market in the women that aren’t dealing with the high school acne, but are possibly concerned with preservation and prevention where their skin is concerned.  I guess I fit the bill, so I volunteered.  I was promised a goodie bag and really, what more convincing does any girl need than that?

So I went, I was told to put on a t-shirt in the skin care lines colors and that we were going to do a quick photo shoot.  My goodness, it’s harder than it looks ladies.  I’m hoping models get a bit more direction than I did.  I was told to do the basic smile-and-look-at-the-camera shot and then I would do some “personality” shots.  I asked her what I should do, there was an entire list of shots listed on the wall next to where I was standing, things like “blow a kiss” or “do a peace sign” but I was stumped.  None of those things seemed to fit my personality and I drew a blank trying to figure out what I could do to show my personality.  In the end, she told me to chew on the end of my glasses, but I felt kind of defeated.  Like I was given a pop quiz and failed.  I couldn’t for the life of me think of what my one “personality shot” would look like and I’m still stumped.

So tell me, what would your ONE personality shot look like?  Shot is from the waist up, no props (unless you wear glasses) and there are a 1/2 dozen people staring at you waiting for your personality to be revealed.

Ready?  Go.


4 Responses to “america’s next top model”

  1. That’s a hard one. I would have felt defeated too if I couldn’t come up with something. The first thing that came to mind was me sort of tilting my head to the side and trying to wink which is both sort of coyish and ridiculous (I can’t really wink well) so funny. Which kind of sums me up.

  2. I’d probably stick my tongue out or do a fake kiss. Or maybe something funny/weird with air guns.

  3. mainlyclearskies Says:

    That IS tough. I’m still thinking about it…

  4. mine is the Egon Schiele face. And I think you were stumped because your personality (like Evan’s) is the beaming smile.

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